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Welcome to the Psychic Book Store. You will find books by The Dalai Lama to books by Brian Weiss. Also books on Astrology to Books on Meditation. There are books on all kinds of Spiritual and Psychic subjects. If you are in need of a psychic reading, please try our psychic services. We offer a psychic text and psychic phone services. We also offer a dream interpretation service. More..    TEXT A PSYCHIC    PHONE PSYCHIC    TEXT A DREAM

Featured products

Only Love Is Real: Brian Weiss

When psychiatrist and past-life therapist Dr. Brian Weiss began treating two new patients, Elizabeth and Pedro, he found that although they were strangers, they described the same past lives with a stunning similarity of detail and emotion. Their joint past […]

£8.39 Details

Astrology Decoded: Sue Merlyn Farebrother

Have you ever wondered what astrology is about, or whether there is more to astrology than the popular sun-sign columns in the media? Are you fascinated by the idea of being able to interpret your own or other people’s personal […]

£10.34 Details

Messages From The Masters: Brian Weiss

Messages from the Masters goes beyond his previous bestsellers. It draws on Dr Weiss’s fascinating case histories and the wisdom of his spirit guides to help you bring joy, balance and harmony into your life. You will learn how to […]

£8.39 Details

When the Heart Waits: Sue Monk Kidd

Blending her own experiences with an intimate grasp of contemplative spirituality, Sue Monk Kidd relates the passionate and moving tale of her spiritual crisis at midlife, when life seemed to have lost meaning and how her longing for hasty escape […]

£9.45 Details

The Lightworker’s Way: Doreen Virtue

In The Lightworker’s Way, Dr Doreen Virtue takes you on a spiritual adventure as she recounts her own life story of awakening her healing and clairvoyant power. You are a lightworker if you feel called to heal others; want to […]

£7.69 Details

The Art of Happiness: Dalai Lama

This will be the first book by the Dalai Lama written to appeal to a general audience and focusing on the practical application of his spiritual values. The Dalai Lama’s commentary is amplified and augmented from a contemporary western perspective […]

£6.34 Details

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