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The Silence of the Heart: Paul Ferrini

Reflections on the Christ Mind

The Silence of the heart is the place we find ourselves after we get out of the cycle of victimhood and commit to honoring ourselves. It is the place where we can embrace our feelings and experiences in the moment without judgment. It is a place of pure, non-judgmental awareness.

To reach this place, we must stop complaining and take responsibility for our own healing. We have the tools to extricate ourselves from our suffering, we just need to acknowledge them. We need to face the scared, unhappy, wounded, angry child inside who feels unfairly treated, and help him let go of his wounds.

The Silence of the Heart walks us through a recipe for spiritual healing: 1) accept and feel the pain, 2) admit your mistakes, 3) accept your feelings, 4) bring love to the self, 5) become aware of self-violation, 6) forgive yourself, 7) bring love to the wound, 8) prevent further abuse by always honoring your self (ask for what you want, do not accept what you do not want).

You must always hold onto compassion for yourself.

When we succeed at fully loving and honoring ourselves, then we can apply this to others in our relationships without judging or fixing. We cannot give to others until we first learn to give to ourselves. And by extension, when we learn to give to ourselves, our compassionate natures will cause us to give to others absent judgment.

This is a book that is so full of profound wisdom on such a plethora of relevant topics, you will wear your pencil out from underlining. You will refer back to it again and again, and you will find yourself sharing it and quoting it with friends. Like another reviewer said, it is not always a comfortable read in that it confronts you to take full responsibility for every aspect of your experience and shakes you free from your denial. But it is simultaneously comforting in its unending compassion for the work we all must do. If you are ready to take responsibility for your healing, growth, and ultimate happiness, you will embrace this book.

ISBN-13: 978-1879159167

Paperback: 218 pages

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